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If you would like a free sample glove cleaning, please email We will pay for shipping or pick-up of gloves from your plant.

Glove Reconditioning

Glove reconditioning means that our customers’ gloves are cleaned and processed to LOOK and FEEL like new. Companies can provide appropriate and comfortable personal protective equipment at a fraction of the price! Moreover, reconditioning gloves means that less waste ends up in the landfill.

Seapark picks up dirty or soiled gloves and cleans them for reuse. For gloves to be properly reconditioned it is extremely important to recognize that different gloves require different cleaning processes.

Any type of gloves can be cleaned. Leather, Cotton, Dyneema, Kevlar, Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl, there is no glove Seapark has not seen.

If you would like a free sample-cleaning, please email We will pay for shipping or pick-up gloves from your plant.